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Why I Chose AWS Over Azure and Google Cloud as My Employer

When I was deciding where to work after graduating from college, I had three main choices: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. All three companies are leaders in the cloud computing industry, and I had great respect for each of them. However, after careful consideration, I decided to accept an offer from AWS.

Here are the main reasons why I chose AWS:

  • AWS is the market leader. AWS has been around the longest and has the broadest range of services. It is also the most widely used cloud platform, with over 1 million active customers.

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  • AWS is constantly innovating. AWS is always adding new features and services, and it is constantly innovating to meet the needs of its customers. For example, AWS was one of the first cloud providers to offer serverless computing and machine learning services.

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  • AWS has a strong community. There is a large and active community of AWS users and developers. This community is a great resource for learning about AWS and getting help with problems.

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  • AWS offers a wide range of career opportunities. AWS is a huge company with a wide range of products and services. This means that there are many different career opportunities available at AWS, both technical and non-technical.

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  • AWS has a great culture. AWS is known for its customer obsession and its culture of innovation. I was impressed with the people I met during the interview process, and I felt like AWS would be a great place to work.

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In addition to these general reasons, I also had a few specific reasons for choosing AWS. For example, I was interested in working on AWS’s machine learning services. I also liked the fact that AWS has a strong focus on open source software.

I’ve been working at AWS for over a year now, and I’m very happy with my decision. AWS is a great company to work for, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

Here are some additional benefits of working at AWS:

  • Competitive salaries and benefits. AWS offers competitive salaries and benefits packages, including health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, 401(k) matching, and paid time off.
  • Opportunities for professional development. AWS offers a variety of professional development opportunities, including training courses, conferences, and mentorship programs.
  • A global reach. AWS has offices all over the world, so you have the opportunity to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds.
  • A chance to make a difference. AWS is used by companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. By working at AWS, you have the opportunity to help these companies grow and succeed.

If you’re interested in a career in cloud computing, I highly recommend considering AWS. AWS is a great company to work for, and it offers many opportunities for professional growth and development.

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