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What To Do If The Default Printer Keeps Changing On Windows

Printing a document shouldn’t be a mystery tour, yet for many Windows users, the chosen default printer seems to possess the ability to vanish and reappear like a mischievous magician. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially when deadlines loom and every minute counts. But fear not, fellow document wranglers! We’re here to unravel the mystery of the shifting default printer and equip you with the tools to bring stability to your printing endeavors.

Why Does My Default Printer Keep Changing?

The reasons for this printer pandemonium can be diverse, ranging from simple settings oversights to more complex software conflicts. Here are some common culprits:

  • Windows Managing the Madness (or Mayhem): By default, Windows automatically decides which printer should be the go-to option. While this might seem convenient, it can lead to unexpected switches if another printer becomes available or updates alter system settings.
  • Conflicting Printing Software: Multiple printing applications or outdated drivers can create confusion, causing Windows to get disoriented about your preferred printing partner.
  • Unwanted Guests: Malware or viruses can wreak havoc on system settings, including printer defaults.
  • Ghostly Glitches: Sometimes, software inconsistencies or system errors can lead to seemingly inexplicable changes.

Confronting the Default Printer Enigma:

Now that we understand the potential culprits, it’s time to equip ourselves with some sleuthing tools and corrective measures. Here’s a step-by-step guide to reclaiming control of your default printer:

1. Take Back the Reigns:

  • Disable Windows’ Automatic Control: Head to Settings > Bluetooth & devices > Printers & scanners. Uncheck the box next to “Let Windows manage my default printer.” Now, you’ll be the captain of your printing destiny!
  • Officially Declare Your Champion: Choose your preferred printer from the list and click “Set as default.” This ensures your chosen warrior stands ready for every printing battle.

2. Clean Up the Printer Posse:

  • Remove Unused Printers: Head back to Printers & scanners and click “Remove device” for any printers you no longer need. This eliminates rogue contenders vying for the default throne.
  • Update Driver Detachments: Outdated drivers can cause confusion. Make sure your printer drivers are up-to-date by visiting the manufacturer’s website or using Windows Update.

3. Banish the Digital Demons:

  • Scan for Malicious Mischief: Run a thorough scan with your antivirus software to identify and eliminate any lurking malware that might be messing with your settings.

4. Seek Advanced Solutions:

  • Registry Rejuvenation (Pro Tip): For the tech-savvy, editing the Windows Registry can offer a more permanent solution. Be warned, this requires caution and should only be attempted if you’re comfortable navigating this technical terrain. Create a backup before proceeding. In the Registry Editor, locate the “LegacyDefaultPrinterMode” value and change it from 0 to 1. Restart your computer to apply the change.

5. Prevent Printing Paranoia:

  • Keep Windows on Guard: Regularly check for and install Windows updates to ensure your system is patched against potential vulnerabilities.
  • Monitor the Printer Parade: After implementing these tactics, keep an eye on your default printer setting. If it inexplicably changes again, investigate further to identify the cause and repeat the appropriate countermeasure.

Bonus Tip:

Consider using a dedicated print management software. These tools offer greater control over printer selection, job prioritization, and other printing parameters, giving you even more power over your printing ecosystem.


Patience and a methodical approach are key to solving the default printer puzzle. By understanding the potential causes and applying the recommended solutions, you can banish the printing blues and ensure your documents land on the right paper, every time. Now go forth and conquer your printing quests with confidence!

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